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Please carefully read and understand before you proceed.

Property Maximizers Professionals (PROMAX, Corp.) and its affiliates, through this application form, will collect only personal information which are relevant and material to the screening of candidates, assessment of qualifications, performing medical, educational, previous employment background investigation and affiliation of successful candidates. PROMAX, Corp. may also use the information obtained for historical, statistical, training and business planning purposes. However, it will remove any personally identifiable information to create or derive anonymous data.

PROMAX, Corp. strives to ensure the quality and correctness of the information gathered from its applicants. In case of mistakes or updates in the recorded information, the applicant, at any time, may request for the information corrected by contacting any authorized recruitment representative of PROMAX Corp. The candidate may also request, at any time, the information (or a copy of), for any purpose serving his/her interest.

I understand I should provide correct and true information to the best of my knowledge. Any misrepresentation I made herein shall be cause for disqualification to be hired or immediate termination of my contract without prior notice.